As you have probably already noticed, I haven’t posted on my KF5QPO site for a while. I’ve been a little busy aquiring new radio equipment, trying to figure it all out, and change a few names around. You’ve also no doubt, noticed a new domain with new calls. Yes, I went the vanity route and picked up a call I just had to have. A lot of though went into trying to figure out exactly what I wanted. 

I first really started liking the idea of trying to get one of the 1×2 or 2×1 calls that were coming available being that I got my Extra license. I kinda wanted it known. However, it was going to be a hard trick to get one, first of all, and there really wasn’t one coming available that I just had to have. I then started looking at the AAx2 calls and found a few I liked, but still nothing that really just stood out to me. I looked at other region calls along with my region 5 that I was trying to stay in. But still couldn’t find what I really was wanting. 

Then, the moment hit me. Being a former student at A&M (yes, a full-fledged Aggie here), I started thinking Aggie things I could use. It didn’t take long to think of Gig ‘Em and using those letters in the call. KG1GEM was a great call, I thought. 

I know there are folks that don’t believe in taking from other regions. I do for the most part think that is good and well and I don’t want to be stealing a call someone in another region would get. I did look up and find that in region 1, they were only up to KB in the call designators. It would be quite some time before someone was randomly assigned that call. I also reasoned that since A&M was way down south and only a couple other schools (none in that area that I could find) use a mascot called an Aggie with a saying of Gig ‘Em, I figured it wouldn’t bother too many folks at all. I definitely don’t want to offend anyone with getting my call. Just as well, however, it is first-come, first-served in this arena, so I took my chances. 

16 days later, my new call was granted by the FCC and showed up in the database. For those that are worried about difficulty in the process, it’s really very simple. I know ARRL and W5YI offer the servce for you for about $40 or so. But, it’s very straight forward to do on the FCC website and only costs you $15. Nothing against ARRL an W5YI for their service, but I just felt I could do it fine myself. It really is very straight forward. You’re basically just filling out the same page online that you would send in to ARRL or W5YI. However, if you’re worried about the process or really messing something up, by all means use the expertise that ARRL and W5YI affords you for this process. They are both great and very helpful with anything you need. 

Well, along with a new call, new equipment must be in order for the celebration. I’ll get to that in another article. In the meantime, happy DXing!

Howdy, Whoop, and KG1GEM! (The K is silent for non-Aggies) 🙂