My name is Tim. I live in Flower Mound, TX, with my daughter. We have our two cats Pikachu and Elliot. We lost our beloved Clearance Clarence in August of 2016 after fourteen and a half years with him and our old sweet guy Vector Victor in March of 2017 after sixteen and a half years. Elliot has graciously taken Clarence’s place and strangely has many of the same quirks and characteristics of Clarence. Pikachu has filled in for Vector. They’re both fitting in quite nicely to our family. BTW, don’t tell the cats, they’re cats. They think they’re human. In fact, they’ll have a conversation with you if you talk to them. I’ve never figured out what the heck they’re telling me, but they talk back. 🙂

I’m an airline pilot by trade. I have a network consulting company I run on the side. I’m also a former radio jock for a few different broadcast stations in Texas. I miss the broadcasting but not the low pay.

For fun, I’ve gotten into HAM radio, obviously. I’m a technology junkie. I love gadgets and gizmos…even if I can’t figure out what to do with them. I love seeing how things work and playing to see what I can do with stuff. I’m a very big snowboarder and spend as much time in the winter as I can in the Utah mountains tearing up the snow. So, if you talk with me in late December or January, it’ll probably be from a park in Utah. I like hiking, biking (mountain and road) and basically just having a good time. I love to camp, though I don’t think a 5th wheel, HD TV, wifi and HAM radio qualifies as camping….but we still call it that.

If we’ve had a QSO and you missed my QSL info….I QSL via, LoTW, QRZ, clublog,, and direct (No SASE is needed). Being I do QSL from many QTH’s, LoTW is best if you need easy confirmation. eQSL is too difficult to manage any uploads unless they’re from my home QTH. If you need a direct mail address, my info is on or you can email me on any of the above methods. I typically upload to LoTW a few times a day if I’m using the radio. All the others are automatically update at the end of each QSO. I look forward to chatting with everyone on the waves.

I’ve started doing a lot of activations for Parks On The Air (POTA). I enjoy getting out to the parks, enjoying ham and the scenery at the same time. If you work me at a park, I QSL as noted below, with the same eQSL exception due to inability to change that many QTH’s. I do create custom cards for each park, typically with either a shot of my operating position while there, something unique about the park or just a nice beautiful photo from within the park. I’ll respond with a real card from the park if you send me a qsl card first. For now, I’m not getting that many cards so a SASL is not required. That may have to change in the future if I start getting a lot of cards. So, please understand that and check my QRZ page from time to time to determine if SASL is necessary. With the digital QSL’s (LoTW, QRZ, etc) when I’m doing POTA, I will typically upload that night when I get home. Sometimes I’m too tired and it waits until the next day. I do get them in as quickly as I can.

Thanks for checking out about me. Look forward to seeing you in the waterfall before long!